2016 Westminster Kennel Club Artwork Competition

Pier 92-94
New York, NY


On view
February 15- 16, 2016


_03, 9/28/15, 1:29 PM, 8C, 7882x11819 (1955+1094), 150%, Custom, 1/40 s, R101.6, G46.4, B53.7

Hannah Stahl (MFA 2015), 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Artwork Contest winner


The Westminster Kennel Club Artwork Competition is a skills contest in which entrants submit artwork for use and inclusion in the promotional materials for the Westminster Kennel Club 140th Annual Dog Show. Coordinated by the New York Academy of Art and the Westminster Kennel Club the competition is open to Academy MFA students and alumni, and current continuing education students.

The 2016 Winner and Finalist works represented the Academy in our gallery booth at the 140th Annual Dog Show.

Congratulations to competition winner Hannah Stahl (MFA 2015), and finalists Dana Aldis (MFA 2000), Shiva Jlayer (CE), Katherine McGough (CE), and Jiannan Wu (MFA 2016).

Generous support and art shipping provided by Cadogan Tate Fine Art.

For further information please contact: 212.842.5971 / exhibitions@nyaa.edu