Certificate of Fine Arts

CFA Curriculum

The CFA lasts three semesters, beginning in September. Students take four classes per semester covering drawing, painting, sculpture, and a grounding in art history. Each participant will be assigned an advisor that will meet with the student individually about his or her relevant background, knowledge, skill level, and what the student hopes to gain from enrollment in the Certificate Program. Advisors meet with students at the start of their coursework and at the end of each semester to help guide the student toward the successful completion of the program and the achievement of the student’s goals.

After completing two semesters of studio studies, students will apply for the final requirement of the Certificate Program: the production and exhibition of a work or group of works of art. Working closely with their faculty advisors, students spend eight weeks working in the exhilarating atmosphere of the studios at the New York Academy of Art, focusing on their creative process. The advisor will mentor the student through the process of completing both the exhibition and their written statement documenting the student’s purpose in making the work and the techniques employed to achieve that purpose.

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Painting I: Direct Painting (3)

Drawing: (3)

Anatomical Drawing: (3)

Sculpture: (3)


Painting II: Indirect (3)

Drawing II: (3)

Art History I: (3)

Structural Drawing: (3 – elective)

Écorché: (3 – elective)


Independent Project (6)

Art History II (3)

Perspective (3 – elective)

Compositional Theory & Color Theory
(3 – elective)