Summer Undergraduate Residency

Continuing Studies

The New York Academy of Art holds a unique month-long Summer Residency Program in New York City for talented undergraduates. The program is open to current US and international undergraduates, either enrolled in an art program or with a demonstrated talent in fine art. Students admitted to the program will have the opportunity to work in an Academy studio, take Academy classes and exhibit at the Academy at the end of the residency. The program runs two sessions. Students must select their preferred session on the application form. Students in the Summer Undergraduate Residency Program have the opportunity to hone their artistic skills as well as their critical eye in this unique and immersive experience. Click here to download our 2018 Summer Residency Brochure.

The Summer Undergraduate Residency Program is intended for talented undergraduates who are eager to taste life at the New York Academy of Art and to delve into the New York City art scene. The program serves as ideal preparation for students interested in pursuing an MFA after their undergraduate degrees, as well as students who wish to experience a unique opportunity in an inspiring creative environment.


All students in the Summer Residency study five courses designed to explore theories and techniques of contemporary figuration. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the New York art world and have the opportunities to visit artist’s studios and major exhibitions that may serve as inspiration for their personal studio practice. SURP faculty and the Academy community will facilitate this exploration with recommendations for events and happenings each week. You can learn more about the program from one of last year’s residents here.

  • CS-D401 Drawing: Exploration of the Human Form

This course is designed to develop the student’s ability to represent the human form in pictorial space, a skill that is critical to all artists. Emphasis is placed on gaining an in-depth understanding of the body’s underlying geometry and anatomical structure. Students will be working from the live model to create perceptual, naturalistic drawings, learning about the characteristic contours of muscles and how body parts move in relation to one another and to the picture plane. Course meets once a week for 6 hours, 4 sessions for 24 contact hours.

  • CS-H401 Contemporary Art History in New York

This course discusses contemporary art of the modern era in New York City. Consideration is given to the diversity of artistic expressions in this period within their cultural, theoretical, and political contexts. Particular attention is given to the impact on art of late 20th- century early 21st – century cultural phenomena. Course meets once a week for 2 hours, 4 sessions for 8 contact hours.

  • CS-H402 Art & Culture Studies: Museums, Galleries, Artist Studios

This course is an exploration of the immense and historically significant collection of art that is centered in New York. Using the rich diversity of museums and galleries in the New York City area, this course provides the student with the opportunity to explore many of the city’s art centers and learn visual research techniques to aid in the development of his or her own work. Course meets once a week for 6 hours, 4 sessions for 24 contact hours.

  • CS-P401 Dialogues in Painting: Traditional Materials

This course examines the practical application of direct painting techniques from historical and contemporary practice. Students will paint from the live model exploring the warm/cool palette, the dead palette and chromatic palette approach to tonal structure and color theory. Emphasis in this course is on analytical seeing/interpreting of form. Course meets once a week for 6 hours, 4 sessions for 24 contact hours.

  • CS-S401 Sculpting the Figure: Perceptual Modeling

This course addresses the challenge of sculpting the human figure from observation, in combination with a systematic study of the largely invisible underlying structure of the figure. Initial instruction promotes analytical seeing and interpretation. Exploration of linear and volumetric systems of proportion supports the architectonic organization in the realization of the figure through the process of modeling. Course meets once a week for 6 hours, 4 sessions for 24 contact hours.


Applicants must complete the Academy’s online Summer Undergraduate Residency Program application form. The application portal opens October 1. Click here to create your account and begin your application. Acceptance to the Summer Residency is competitive and based on portfolio review.

Tuition to the summer residency is $3,850 for four weeks. Program fees cover:

  • Apartment-style dormitory housing in New York City
  • Studio space at the Academy
  • Coursework at the New York Academy of Art
  • Metrocard for public transportation
  • Private tours of museums, galleries and artist studios.
Cost of Attendance*
Tuition Fee $2,600.00
Housing Fee $1,125.00
Transportation Fee $125.00
Total $3,850.00

*For students who do not need housing, the tuition fee is $2,600. Residency students are responsible for travel to and from the residency, food, personal expenses and admission fees to museums and galleries, which are not covered in the tuition and program fees.


Academy Merit Awards range from $500-$2,600 and cover tuition and fees for participants. The Academy grants three residency participants in each session a full-tuition scholarship in the amount of $2,600. Full-scholarship recipients are responsible for housing and transportation fees. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships based on the quality of their portfolio.


Applicants are required to complete and submit the following through the online application form by the deadline listed above. Click here to begin your application.

  • Online application form
  • Portfolio
    6 to 15 portfolio images of your work in JPEG format.
  • Personal Statement
    A one-page artist statement describing the nature of your work and your interest in the summer residency program.
  • References
    At least one letter of recommendation from an instructor or advisor.
  • Transcript
    One copy of your most current college transcript (official or unofficial).

For more information, contact the Department of Continuing Studies at 212.842.5968 or cs@nyaa.edu


Application Deadline February 15
Notification March 1
Deposit Due March 20
Final payment of tuition May 15
2018 Session One

2018 Session Two

Arrive in N.Y. June 3 July 8
Classes Begin June 4 July 9
Classes end and studio move out June 29 August 3
Check out of dormitory June 30 August 4


  • Palette: paper, glass or wood
  • Palette knife
  • Support: canvas or panel, smooth surface is recommended (approximately 11×14, 12×16 but no bigger than 18×24). Additional surfaces may be supplemented.
  • Acrylic gesso for priming surfaces 2-3 inch painter’s brush or foam brush for application (optional)
  • Medium: linseed oil*,  Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits)*
  • Two jars with lids for medium use/storage
  • Brushes: assortment of sizes, natural or synthetic hair filbert or flat brushes (any soft hair brushes would work)
  • Paint: titanium white, burnt umber, yellow ochre, ivory black (or cold black), red ochre, hansa yellow(PY97)**, quinacridone magenta(PR112)**, phthalocyanine cyan(PB17)**. A few additional paints may be supplemented.
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Masking or artist tape
  • Sharpie
  • Drawing tools: sketch book (medium size or bigger sketch pad recommend), pencil, charcoal, sharpener, pink pearl eraser, kneaded eraser, chamois cloth and vine charcoal
  • Sculpting tools: Please bring any small sculpting tools that you are comfortable with. A few tools will be suggested at the beginning of class.

*For students traveling to NYC by airplane, Gamsol, linseed oil, liquid mediums and other supplies may be purchased at art supply stores near the Academy.
**These colors are not necessary for weeks 1 or 2.

"The figure is nothing unless you can twist it around like a strange miracle."

Willem De Kooning

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