Archived Lectures

Spring 2016

Wednesday February 3

Art Fairs: Matthew Deleget in conversation with Helen Toomer, Director of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair

Wednesday February 10

The Nomination Granting Process: Allison Hawkins and Shervone Neckles of the Joan Mitchell Foundation in conversation with Matthew Deleget.

Wednesday February 17

On Pedagogy and Collaboration: Tim Doud and Zoë Charlton in conversation with Sharon Louden

Wednesday, February 24

The Director and the Curator: Harry Philbrick and Jodi Throckmorton from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Philadelphia in conversation with Sharon Louden

Monday, February 29

Rachel Hovnanian

Wednesday March 2

The Collector: Laura Skoler in conversation with Sharon Louden, collector and board member of the New Museum

Friday March 4

Audrey Flack and the History of Art Band

Friday April 22

Ramiro Gomez: artist talk and book signing

Fall 2015


9/9  Nancy Davidson
9/16 Carrara Residency Artsists in Conversation
9/25 Martin Eder
9/30 Rob Colvin


10/7 Nicole Eisenman
10/28 Ann Chernow


11/6 Evan Penny
11/11 Restoring Works by Living Artists: Laura Murphy Doyle, Chubb
11/13 Linden Fredrick
11/18 Scott Avett with Eric Fischl
11/20 Katherine Manthorne: Boundless Reality

Fall 2014


9/17 Judy Fox & Joel Shapiro – The Presence of Abstraction
9/24 Kehinde Wiley – Artist’s Talk


10/22 Stephen Hannock – Artist’s Talk
10/29 Jeff Bergman & Erik Hougen – Multiple States: Contemporary Printmaking
10/30 (Thursday) Jonas Burgert – Artist’s Talk


11/05 Richard Dupont Artist’s Talk
11/12 Kara Rooney in conversation with Sue Scott – Upending the 20%
11/19 Andres Serrano– Photography, Art and Politics


12/03  E.V. Day – Artist’s Talk: Exploded Couture

Download a PDF of the Fall 2014 schedule

Fall 2013


9/11 Walton Ford – Artist
9/18 Kathy Ruttenberg – Artist
9/25 Judy Glantzman – Artist


10/16 Alexis Rockman – Artist
10/23 Donald Baechler in conversation with Glenn O’Brien – Artist & Writer
10/30 Nina Chanel – Artist


11/06 Phillip Pearlstein in conversation with Patterson Sims – Artist & Curator
11/15 (Friday) Anne Harris – Artist
11/20 Peter Saul– Artist
Barry X Ball – postponed to Spring 2014

Download a PDF of the Fall 2013 schedule

Fall 2012


9/12 Judy Fox – Artist – Watch the Lecture!
9/19 Mike Cockrill – Artist
9/26 Alex Kanevsky – Artist


10/3 Adam Gopnik – Writer, Cultural Critic for The New Yorker.
10/17 Jocelyn Hobbie – Artist
10/24 Michele C. Cone – Writer, Art Critic, Historian and Author
10/31 Walton Ford – Artist


11/7 Sue Coe – Artist and Activist
11/14 Drawing Roundtable: John Jacobsmeyer in conversation with Dawn Clementsand Graham Guerra and Steve Mumford.
11/28 Thomas Woodruff – Artist


12/5 Dana Schutz – Artist
12/12 Robert Taplin – Artist and Critic

Download a PDF of the Fall 2012 schedule

Fall 2011


09/14 Jerry Kearns – Painter
09/21 Rona Pondick – Sculptor
09/28 Laurie Hogin – Painter


10/05 Robert  Yarber – Painter
10/12 Carroll Dunham – Painter
10/21 Trenton Doyle Hancock – Multidisciplinary Artist
10/26 Mark Greenwold – Painter


11/02 Beverly McIver – Painter
11/09 Robin Williams – Painter
11/16 Carlo McCormick & Eric White – Writer and Artist
11/30 Barbara Pollack – Writer and Artist


12/07 Michael Ferris Jr – Sculptor
12/14 Duncan Hannah– Painter

Download a PDF of the Fall 2011 schedule

Fall 2010

Isabelle Bonzom – Art Historian / Artist

Richard Stipl – Artist’s Talk

Hilary Harkness – Artist’s Talk

Wei Dong – Artist’s Talk

Donald Kuspit – Art Historian and Art Critic, on “The Real In Caravaggio’s Realism”

Alexi Worth – Artist’s Talk

Reading: Odd Nerdrum’s play, “MARLOWE“, directed by DeLisa M. White

Ross Bleckner – Artist’s Talk

Lisa Dennison – Chairperson, Sotheby’s North and South America

Ken Currie – Artist’s Talk

Pablo Helguera – Artist and Writer, “The Estheticist”

Mia Brownell – Artist’s Talk

Merrill Falkenberg – Curator

Mark Mennin – Artist, on “Messerschmidt: An Accidental Visionary”

David Salle – Artist’s Talk

Alison Elizabeth Taylor – Artist’s Talk

Download a PDF of the Fall 2010 schedule

Fall 2009

Why talk art? – Introduction to series with Catherine Howe, Peter drake, Mark Mennin, and Nina Levent

Robert Taplin – Sculptor, Writer – “Formalism and Presence”

Deborah Kass – Artist’s Talk

The New Revolutionary Realism – A conversation with Donald Kuspit

Barkley Hendricks – Artist’s Talk

Micah Ganske – Artist’s Talk

Will Cotton – Artist’s Talk

Mark Mennen – Sculptor, “American Renaissance Garden: a classical mid-life crisis”

Susanna Coffey – Artist’s Talk

David Cohen – Art critic, Curator, “Their Blood in our Veins: School of London painting and the Old Masters”

Epic Painting – a round table discussion with Julie Heffernan, Ali Banisadr, and Catherine Howe

Vincent Desiderio – Artist’s Talk

Fall 2008

Natalie Frank – Artist’s Talk

Crispin Sartwell – “The Politics of Pleasure: Beauty, Truth, and Totalitarianism in Modern Art”

Eleanor Heartney – “Art Today – Tales of plastic surgery, genetically altered rabbits, and other acts of art”

Klaus Ottmann – “What is Art?”

Barry Schwabsky – “Object or Project? A Critic’s Reflections on the Ontology of Art”

Anna-Louise Kratzsch – Curator’s talk: “New German Figurative Painting”

Jansson Stegner – Artist’s Talk

Lesley Dill – Artist’s Talk

Thomas Woodruff – Artist’s Talk

Terrie Sultan – Director, Parrish Art Museum, Southampton

Jerome Witkin – Artist’s Talk

Jonas Burgert – Artist’s Talk

Catherine Howe – “Ecstasy and Agony- art and madness in the studio”

David Altmejd – Artist’s Talk

Fall 2007

Julie Heffernan – Artist’s Talk

Tony Scherman – Artist’s Talk

Whitfield Lovell – Artist’s Talk

Judith Shea – Artist’s Talk

William Beckman – Artist’s Talk

Nicola Verlato – Artist’s Talk

Patrick Conners – “Pictorial Space in Western Illusionistic Art”

Judith Schaecter – Artist’s Talk

Aaron Spangler – Artist’s Talk

Eric Fischl – “Death of Painting”

Alan Feltus & Lani Irwin – Artists’ Talk

Mia Fineman – “Our Lady of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Other Artful Apparitions”

“You Can’t Go Home Again” – Round-table discussion with Fellows of the Academy from the “Homecoming” Exhibition, moderated by Catherine Howe.