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The Academy library provides written, visual, and electronic resources to meet the intellectual and creative needs of the academy’s community of artists. Through specialized collections, bibliographic instruction, and outstanding services, the library is a space for technical study, critical exploration, and idea generation, and equips students with the skills necessary to embark on a lifetime of learning and artistic growth. The library collects in the areas of the visual arts and includes titles specifically selected to support the MFA curriculum.

The Print Collection Features

  • Over 7,000 books, with a focus on the work of figurative artists, art history, criticism, and anatomical studies
  • A lending library of fiction and philosophy
  • Over 250 videos and DVDs including lectures, movies, and documentaries
  • Periodical subscriptions covering contemporary art, culture, and literature
  • Oversize books and prints

Other Library Features

  • Mac and PC computers, scanners, and audio-visual equipment
  • Large-format color printer
  • Color printer and copier
  • Internet access in the library and WiFi throughout the building (ask the librarian for password)
  • Electronic resources and database subscriptions, including access to ARTstor image library (available throughout the building)
  • Faculty and alumni artist files (announcements, press releases, brochures, invitations, exhibition catalogs, etc)
  • The Academy’s archives and rare books collection (restricted access)

Access and Hours

The library is open to students, faculty, and alumni of the New York Academy of Art and is located on the first floor of 105 Franklin Street. While classes are in session library hours are Monday-Friday 9:00-9:30, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-5:00. Limited hours over winter and summer breaks. Visiting researchers must make an appointment with the Academy Librarian and must obtain a referral card from an affiliate METRO library.


Library orientation sessions are held at the start of each academic year to provide bibliographic instruction and introduce library resources and policies. Incoming students are required to attend one session. A separate information session held later in the Fall is aimed toward second year students beginning their thesis research. The librarian is available throughout the year for one-on-one instruction with research tools and strategies.

In addition to research guidance, the Academy Writing Center assists students with planning, organizing, writing, and citing research papers in the visual arts. This includes the Quick Reference Page, a handy guide for citation rules and paper requirements.

"The figure is nothing unless you can twist it around like a strange miracle."

Willem De Kooning

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