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Spring 2016





Ramiro Gomez, born in 1986 in San Bernardino, California to undocumented Mexican immigrant parents, briefly attended the California Institute for the Arts before leaving to take work as a live-in nanny with a West Hollywood family, an experience that did much to inform his subsequent artistic practice. In 2013 Gomez had his first solo exhibition at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, and was also awarded with a residency to install a mural in West Hollywood Park, a project titled The Caretakers, which remains on view. In 2014 Gomez had his solo gallery debut at Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles, and went on to show widely across North America. In 2015 Gomez exhibited at the University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities, the Chicago Humanities Festival, and again at Charlie James Gallery.


Gomez's work has been covered in The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, NPR, the Los Angeles Times, Hyperallergic, Huffington Post, and CNN. This spring Gomez will be having a third show at the Charlie James Gallery in conjunction with the publication of a monograph on his work by Lawrence Weschler (Abrams). Gomez lives and works in West Hollywood, California. Gomez will be signing copies of Domestic Scenes: The Art of Ramiro Gomez.













Wednesday February 3

Art Fairs: Matthew Deleget in conversation with Helen Toomer, Director of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair.


Wednesday February 10 2016

The Nomination Granting Process: Allison Hawkins and Shervone Neckles of the Joan Mitchell Foundation in conversation with Matthew Deleget.


Wednesday February 17

On Pedagogy and Collaboration: Tim Doud and Zoë Charlton in conversation with Sharon Louden


Wednesday, February 24

The Director and the Curator: Harry Philbrick and Jodi Throckmorton from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Philadelphia in conversation with Sharon Louden


Monday, February 29

Rachel Hovnanian


Wednesday March 2

The Collector: Laura Skoler in conversation with Sharon Louden, collector and board member of the New Museum


Friday March 4

Audrey Flack and the History of Art Band



FALL 2015







FALL 2014







  • 12/03 E.V. Day – Artist's Talk: Exploded Couture
Download a PDF of the Fall 2014 schedule



FALL 2013





Barry X Ball – postponed to Spring 2014


Download a PDF of the Fall 2013 schedule


FALL 2012







Download a PDF of the Fall 2012 schedule



FALL 2011






Download a PDF of the Fall 2011 schedule



FALL 2010


Isabelle Bonzom - Art Historian / Artist

Richard Stipl - Artist's Talk

Hilary Harkness - Artist's Talk

Wei Dong - Artist's Talk

Donald Kuspit - Art Historian and Art Critic, on "The Real In Caravaggio’s Realism"

Alexi Worth - Artist's Talk

Reading: Odd Nerdrum's play, "MARLOWE", directed by DeLisa M. White

Ross Bleckner - Artist's Talk

Lisa Dennison - Chairperson, Sotheby's North and South America

Ken Currie - Artist's Talk

Pablo Helguera - Artist and Writer, "The Estheticist"

Mia Brownell - Artist's Talk

Merrill Falkenberg - Curator

Mark Mennin - Artist, on "Messerschmidt: An Accidental Visionary"

David Salle - Artist's Talk

Alison Elizabeth Taylor - Artist's Talk


Download a PDF of the Fall 2010 schedule



FALL 2009


Why talk art? - Introduction to series with Catherine Howe, Peter drake, Mark Mennin, and Nina Levent

Robert Taplin - Sculptor, Writer - "Formalism and Presence"

Deborah Kass - Artist's Talk

The New Revolutionary Realism - A conversation with Donald Kuspit

Barkley Hendricks - Artist's Talk

Micah Ganske - Artist's Talk

Will Cotton - Artist's Talk

Mark Mennen - Sculptor, "American Renaissance Garden: a classical mid-life crisis"

Susanna Coffey - Artist's Talk

David Cohen - Art critic, Curator, "Their Blood in our Veins: School of London painting and the Old Masters"

Epic Painting - a round table discussion with Julie Heffernan, Ali Banisadr, and Catherine Howe

Vincent Desiderio - Artist's Talk



FALL 2008


Natalie Frank - Artist's Talk

Crispin Sartwell - "The Politics of Pleasure: Beauty, Truth, and Totalitarianism in Modern Art"

Eleanor Heartney - "Art Today - Tales of plastic surgery, genetically altered rabbits, and other acts of art"

Klaus Ottmann - "What is Art?"

Barry Schwabsky - "Object or Project? A Critic's Reflections on the Ontology of Art"

Anna-Louise Kratzsch - Curator's talk: "New German Figurative Painting"

Jansson Stegner - Artist's Talk

Lesley Dill - Artist’s Talk

Thomas Woodruff - Artist's Talk

Terrie Sultan - Director, Parrish Art Museum, Southampton

Jerome Witkin - Artist's Talk

Jonas Burgert - Artist's Talk

Catherine Howe - "Ecstasy and Agony- art and madness in the studio”

David Altmejd - Artist's Talk



FALL 2007


Julie Heffernan - Artist's Talk

Tony Scherman - Artist's Talk

Whitfield Lovell - Artist's Talk

Judith Shea - Artist's Talk

William Beckman - Artist's Talk

Nicola Verlato - Artist's Talk

Patrick Conners - "Pictorial Space in Western Illusionistic Art"

Judith Schaecter - Artist's Talk

Aaron Spangler - Artist's Talk

Eric Fischl - "Death of Painting"

Alan Feltus & Lani Irwin - Artists' Talk

Mia Fineman - "Our Lady of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Other Artful Apparitions"

"You Can't Go Home Again" - Round-table discussion with Fellows of the Academy from the "Homecoming" Exhibition, moderated by Catherine Howe.




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