Inka Essenhigh

Adjunct Faculty



Essenhigh has exhibited at Museum of Modern Art (New York), The Royal Academy of Art (London), Domus Artium 2 (Salamanca), São Paulo Biennal, Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami), Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh) and the Albright Knox Art Gallery (Buffalo). Essenhigh’s paintings draw on an astute awareness of contemporary culture and her immediate environment. They are infused with a dreamlike, surreal sensibility – often directly related to a particular perception or the atmosphere of an encounter, individual or scene. In her most recent work, Essenhigh has abandoned the process of automatic drawing as a method of arriving at an unexpected subject matter. Her diverse visual vocabulary acquired from years of free association is here harnessed into creating deeply atmospheric images which express a keen awareness of seasonal cycles and reminds us of our fragile coexistence with the natural world and its resounding beauty. She lives and works in New York City.

"The figure is nothing unless you can twist it around like a strange miracle."

Willem De Kooning

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