The foundational principles of drawing are the basis of all forms of visual communication. Regardless of the chosen concentration, all students at the New York Academy of Art are immersed in an intensive sequence of drawing courses that present and examine fundamental and advanced perceptual and conceptual approaches to figuration and visual storytelling. Through this engaged and intensive study, students explore the elements of design, composition, scale, proportion, gesture, light on form, value, tonal construction, and the practical application of anatomy and perspective through sustained investigations of the human figure from direct observation.

The Drawing Concentration provides intensive challenges that expand upon drawing’s foundational principles through the exploration of the nature of drawing as a unique, progressive, and constantly evolving visual language that embraces both tradition and innovation. The subject of drawing is explored to expand upon the formal, narrative and conceptual potentials of the medium while encouraging students to realize their artistic vision and formulate their unique experiences and insights into compelling and articulate visual statements.

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"The figure is nothing unless you can twist it around like a strange miracle."

Willem De Kooning

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