Forensic Sculpture Workshop 2016


105 & 111 Galleries
New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013


February 15 – March 23
12–8 pm daily



This exhibit displays 15 clay busts created by New York Academy of Art students during a unique partnership between the Academy and the New York City Office of the Medical Examiner. Each student received a replica of the skull from an actual cold case, and used their artistic training to accurately reconstruct the face of the victim in clay. The New York Academy of Art is the national leader in teaching contemporary figurative art and its students follow a rigorous technical course of anatomical drawing, écorché and drawing from life. This specific artistic training allows Academy students to actively interpret the landscape of a skull and skillfully portray features and flesh. These reconstructions were created in the hope of identifying unknown victims. For more information about the partnership and the cases, contact John Volk.

Special thanks to the Office of the City Medical Examiner Director of Forensic Anthropology Bradley J. Adams and forensic imaging specialist Joe Mullins.

Featured artists include:


George Barlett

Jenny Barnette

Richard Comstock

Judy Fox

Gail Freed

Allison Hill-Edgar

Susan Kloepfer

Michele Koenig

Joe Mar

Marco Palli

Amy Pekal

Rochelle Schaevitz

Anna Wakitsch

Sarah Wukoson