David Ebony

Adjunct Faculty

Critical Studies

David Ebony at Art in America

David Ebony is a Contributing Editor of Art in America and its former Managing Editor, part of an association with the magazine that spans over 21 years. He has written more than 450 signed articles for A.i.A., including features, reviews, profiles and news stories. He is also a Senior Editor-at-large for SNAP Editions (New York). He is the author of “David Ebony’s Top 10,” a long-running contemporary art column for Artnet.com. He was a Contributing Editor and writer for the journal of art and psychoanalysis Lacanian Ink (1998-2012). He has served on the Board of Trustees (2002-2003) and is a long-standing member of the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art (AICA). Among his books are Anselm Reyle: Mystic Silver (2012), Carlo Maria Mariani in the 21st Century (2011), Chihuly Garden Installations (2011), Emily Mason (2006), Botero: Abu Ghraib (2006), Craigie Horsfield: Relation (2005) and Graham Sutherland: A Retrospective (1998). He currently lives and works in New York City and Clermont, New York.

"The figure is nothing unless you can twist it around like a strange miracle."

Willem De Kooning

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