The Big Picture


Wilkinson Gallery
New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin Street
New York, NY 10013


Tuesday, January 28,
6 – 8pm


January 28 – March 9, 2014

*On view daily 2 – 8 pm
or by appointment
*Closed Wednesdays & holidays


Desiderio, Fischl, Rauch, Saville, Tansey

There are artists who are comfortable contributing to the art world by making their work and hoping that it finds a place in art history, and then there are the artists who make the big picture. It is these artists who seize the moment by making a statement through their work that is at once grand in scale, conceptually ambitious and specific to their era. Not satisfied waiting for their moment to arrive, big picture artists insist that what they have to say deserves an outsized scale and the world’s attention.

Desiderio, Fischl, Rauch, Saville, and Tansey are among the most compelling figurative artists working today. They work on both large and small scale paintings, but their best work and the work that we will be most likely to remember is wrought on a large scale. It is on this scale that they demand the audience’s attention and challenge contemporary art making, and on this scale that they become a part of the big picture of art history itself.

Curated by Peter Drake and organized by Elizabeth Hobson. Generous support provided by Cadogan Tate Fine Art.

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